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Its been a while since I posted anything here.  And it has been very eventful.  Two different jobs that are going different directions… ;~()   People dropping little blessings into our lives.  A great church family.  And the start of baseball.  It is spring and with it comes that renewed sense of life and another chance to grow and suceed.

It is difficult to help friends when they are consumed by their own anger.  I can understand the struggle having been there a few times in my own life.  I can’t say that I handled some of those situations the right way.  But I hope that I have learned from my mistakes and sins.  And I hope that I can encouage anyone who is going through the same struggles.

If I do something wrong, then I must pay for it.  But to have to pay the consequence for someone else’s mistakes and sins; well, that stirs a greater anger deep within my soul.  And if I am not careful about this, that anger can turn on me, encouaging me to do things that are just as wrong.  Those actions can deepen the wounds that I have to experience.  But I do not always want to hear those kinds of warnings.  I need to be right.  I need to be justified.  I need to be vindicated.  When I start thinking and acting like that, I am not looking for justice, but rather vengance.

When people start seeking vengance or retribution, they stop caring about those people that are around the situation.  Some of those innocent bystanders are friends, family, co-workers… but most, if not all of them are innocents.  When innocents get hurt in this kind of a situation they are called collateral damamge.  It is sad when a good person hurts others while seeking this kind of satisfaction.  But unfortunately, it never satifies…

As far as other things in life go, we find that hope springs eternal at Easter and during this season in general.  Feeling the touch of God’s arms in a deep embrace during worship on Easter is a feeling that can carry me through the week.  Enjoying Easter afternoon at home with family is peaceful and healing.  And starting off the baseball season with a great opener at Fenway is paradise!

May you find the grace of God walking with you every step this week in all things that good and easy, as well as in every step that is difficult, dangerous and painful.



What do you make of your day?

Today started out like every other day in the past couple of months.  I got up at 5:00-ish… yeah, that’s in the a.m.  Now for those of you who know me fairly well, understand that I have always believed that 5:00 only comes once a day, and that is in the P.M.!

Regardless, I got ready and went to “work” (that is my first/primary job) at 6:10 a.m.  I work in a local daycare center which is part of a national chain.  It has been difficult there for a number of reasons which I will not share on here.  A slander lawsuit is not how I want to spend my time for the next couple of years.  I got down with part 1 of my day at the daycare, leaving around 9:00 a.m. for job number 2!

Right now I do have three different jobs.  In this world and economy, a person must do whatever they can to make ends meet…

My new job is for a sound personal financial and insurance company.  Chris offered me a part-time job to become their office manager two weeks ago.  Working in their environment has been magic, and even healing!  This is an atmosphere where your team mates build you up, help you out, encourage you and cheer you on when you get promoted.

After we finished up the morning work, I met up with Cheryl to have lunch with my new boss and his wife.  Lunch was good and the conversation zipped along.  We talked about several things.  But then they expressed how delighted they are with the changes in their office.  They were so excited that they gave me a raise!

Wow!  What a blessing… God really knew that we needed the extra income and that I needed a big affirmation.  God is a good God!  And I am glad that I am on His side…