Well, its a beautiful Sunday morning… spring has arrived!  The last couple of days brought some great news and some very stressful and troubling things at work.  But its off to enjoy a morning of worship with our church family at CFC (www.communityfellowship.com)…

God has covered us with some wise choices this past year.  We avoided some financial mistakes that would have set us behind.  But because we listened and acted wisely, we are starting to climb out of the debt-ridden chasm that we have existed in for the past couple of years (maybe longer… lol).

I also passed my life license exam on Thursday, giving me the ability to be focused on selling term life insurance and annuities.  It gives me another avenue with my new job… (thank you Lord).  Its been a long time since I took an exam that meant something (grades and money), so I was very nervous about the whole thing.

As for the other side of work and its stresses, I obviously can’t say things in detail.  That would not be proper.  But it is very frustrating when you try to do a good job and overcome the challenges that are presented with it (every job has its unique set of hardships and challenges), and those around and above you do not support you.

When people need help, they sometimes need to hear somethings that are hard to hear.  Those things are typically hard to say as well.  I’m not one that tries to push people down or out of the way.  I like to be able to encourage and lift up those around me.  I’ve spent most of my life doing that.  And right now I try to do that and it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the general setting.

I know that some of my co-workers have shown their appreciation for what I’ve done.  But there has been no recognition of a job well done or support in the difficulties from above or those that have the power to make a difference.  The sad part is that most, if not all of my co-workers feel the same way.

Well after the upheaval of this week, there are apparently going to be some changes around there.  I hope so!  We have a job to provide a needed service for people of our community – and they deserve our absolute best.

I will continue to live and work by my convictions and trust that God will lead, guide and provide each step of the way…

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