Well, I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Sheena and Betty, two of my buddies at work, said as much earlier today.  It’s been a good weekend, but a long one.  I finished classes on Saturday, but got the stomach bug during classes – NOT FUN!

Church was great fun this morning.  Our interim pastor got installed as our permanent senior pastor today.  So it was a great celebration!  Congrats, Bobby!  We love you guys…  (www.communityfellowship.com)

I spent a couple hours crashed napping and playing some ps2 baseball with Josh.  We split the two games…

And now I’m trying to get my head lined up for tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Hopefully it will be full and productive without being hectic and draining.  Am I asking too much?  I dunno… have a great week, friends!